Update On Opening!

Hi All!

Well, to give you a quick update on where we are at: the renos to the building are being completed and our good buddies over at Charlton and Hill (Lethbridge, AB), and Ripley Stainless (Summerland, BC) are completing the equipment we have ordered from them.

We have bottles AND grain already in the brewery (we really just need the tanks) and we are finalizing our licensing! Pretty neat huh?

As with all things there have been a few unexpected delays, but we are getting through it. We look forward to (probably) participating in the Galt Beer and Wine Tasting in September, and the SAAG Beer Festival in October. We are super-excited and trying to get you guys some great tasting brews for the tail-end of the hot summer weather.

Cheers for being so patient!


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