As Local As It Gets…for good reason

What we source locally:

Our Brew House: If you have never been to the brewery, we really encourage you to stop by for a pint and a look-around. Our system– our Mash Tun (and crane), Boil Kettle, Wert Chiller, and 4 Conical Fermenters were all built here in town by the talented welders over at Charlton & Hill. Our industrial hot-water tanks were sourced and installed by Simpsons Plumbing, and our Electrical tie in was completed by Neu-Lite Electric. 2 other tanks were sourced from the BC wine industry, and are also Canadian-made.

Our Ingredients: Malts used in our beer are malted by the Canada Malting Company in Calgary, and the grains are sourced from farmers in Alberta and Saskatchewan– the bread-basket region that grows the finest malting barley in the world! Specialty Malts will be sourced from local Craft Malters beginning as soon as possible– meaning that we can visit the fields where the barley is grown, the sheds where it is Malted, and can converse directly with the pros who know! Our Hops currently come from BC, but we look forward to production Hop Yards sprouting up in the Southern Alberta area!

Our People: Kris was born and raised in Coaldale, Olivier and Jenni grew up in Lethbridge, and Kelti–well she’s the odd woman out because she’s actually from BC (10 years ago…she has spent 1/3 of her life in Lethbridge). But while lots of other breweries are sourcing super-talented Brew Masters from other countries, we grow ours here at home. We train all of our staff on site, and are proud to pay everyone equally: from the part-timers to the CEO everyone gets the same hourly wage.

Our Business Supports Local Too: we are proudly pairing with a number of local organizations on an annual basis to help raise money in Fund-raising efforts for local charities and support other local businesses as well. True, our beer is carried in province-wide chains but the vast majority of folks we do business with are little-guys, just like us, who appreciate high-quality beers made from local ingredients right here in their back yard.

So to everyone who has supported us this past year, and who continue to support us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We are so fortunate to see Lethbridge, and Alberta, grow!