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We want to start the conversation about our beer by making you a promise: We promise to continually strive to make the best craft beer out of the best local ingredients we can find.

All of our beers are unpasteurized and unfiltered, meaning that there are live yeast cultures in the beer (yay pro-biotics!) and that they do not contain preservatives. We recommend you enjoy them cold, and pour carefully into a glass to avoid sediment. If you want to experience a cloudy beer (which may offer some unique flavour/texture aspects) simply swirl the beer gently before pouring.

Our beers are named for scientists and scientific concepts/theories because, after all, we are a science-based brewery. Any new beer produced by Theoretically Brewing Company, with the exception of several specialty, limited-run batches, will be named for a scientist or ground-breaking scientific discovery (with as much punny humour thrown in as possible!)


Stay Tuned for Beer Announcements like: Up-Coming Seasonal Batches and new-line production batches!

4 thoughts on “Our Beer

  1. We booked the room at the Brewery for a surprise 30th Birthday for my fiancé. Theory Brew was very accommodating and helped out with so much to ensure that everything went according to plan. They went above and beyond what I would have expected. The rental price was more than reasonable, great atmosphere, and excellent beverages. We were really happy to try their new Frequency Hopper and Ionic Irish Red Ale, which were delicious, but you really have to try all of their beers. Each beer is so unique and very flavourful. Thank you for helping make this day a success; a great time was had by all and my fiancé was delightfully surprised.

  2. Love the Publish or Perish Porter. Making this my new go to brew. Can’t wait to try the others. have you thought about a ginger beer? Like Crabbe’s?

  3. Had a Curiosity brew at Mocha Cabana. Loved it. Reminded me of Kokanee Gold, but with more goin’ on.

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