Our Big Bang

Our Big Bang – A Story of Origins

Some origin theories involve the rapid expansion of molecular matter from a soul origin point with a sudden, and arguably violent outburst. Ours (fortunately) does not.

Instead, our origin story involves a couple of friends, a back-yard fire, and a few bottles of home-brew. The year: 2009. The place: Kris’ back yard. The beverage: Stout. The players: Kris, Kelti and a group of friends who tend to encourage shenanigans. In total: the perfect equation for big dreams and wild plans.

It all started as a joke, really, a jibe at home-brewer Kris and an appreciation for the brews being passed around. Kris, a chemist by trade and an instructor at the University of Lethbridge, had been home brewing beer, wine, and fruit ciders since his undergraduate days. Always happy to share his creations, he topped up cups and cracked bottles of the very best of his latest batches.

It could have been the fire, the company, the clear autumn night or a combination of it all, but wild ideas spring from such moments. When Kel tasted the brew, then a novice beer-drinker herself, she knew she was drinking something delicious.

A wise-crack and a chuckle about “going pro” and the conversation dropped. But the idea, a seed in the back of the minds of what would become Theorybrew, stayed and sprouted into a desire to build something new.

Fast-forward 3 years to 2012 and Kel graduates the University of Lethbridge with an idea to start her own company. But what form will that company take? Having grown up in the craft-winery region of the Okanagan Valley in BC, she turns her attention to beer—since grapes will not grow in Southern Alberta—and sits down with Kris over some delicious home-brew pints.

A partnership formed, and over the next 3 years the pair would watch the industry develop. Changes in policy in 2013 meant that the dream could quickly become a reality, and things got a little more serious. Work began with home-brewing on the back deck, mashing in the hot sun and shaping plans and ideas. Extra university courses on starting a business, and marketing ensued. Products were developed, a business plan made, and the idea began to take shape into the goal: open a brewery.

It is often joked that the process from fire-pit to tasting-room was the biggest game of chicken the pair had ever played: each waiting for reality to put a stop to the dream. Encouraging friends, stalwart enthusiasm, and incredible support from their families helped make [Theoretically] Brewing what it is today. (Thank you!)

Join us in the tasting room for a flight of our ales. Chat directly with Kel and Kris about the industry they love, the beers they brew, or anything really. We are a casual group of beer enthusiasts with big hearts and open minds. We love and cherish the community that exists within Lethbridge, and are proud to make the city our home. We look forward to meeting you!


The Theorybrew Crew.